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‘Abrazos’: Anatomical Watercolor Artworks by Fernanda Uribe

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Fantastic world of fluorescent corals

Australian photographer Daniel Stoupin took Ultra-macro photography of corals under full-spectrum light. 

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baroque architecture
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 “eye to eye”
15 May - 23 Jun 2013
Harding Meyer
 at Katara Cultural Village Foundation
Doha,Qatar15 May - 23 June 2013


“eye to eye”

15 May - 23 Jun 2013

Harding Meyer

 at Katara Cultural Village Foundation

15 May - 23 June 2013

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Arabsalim, Lebanon 

Arabsalim, Lebanon 

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The Hidden Life of Microscopic Fungi

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The village of Fih in Koura, North Lebanon

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Throwback to Ramadan in Saida last summer.

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Tonight, I even tried to buy your love, but now I don’t want it anymore… I can’t use it anymore. I don’t want any kind of love anymore. It doesn’t pay off.

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Well.. The world was a different place in 2009. my-mockupblog

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Robin Eley (b.1978, UK/Australia)

Robin Eley is a master of deception. Using oil paint, a series of tiny brushes and hours upon hours of intense concentration, he creates some of the most impressive hyperrealist works we’ve come across. Eley’s paintings obsess over the textures of materials like plastic and aluminum. Draped over nude bodies or strategically positioned in close-up portraits, his impressive creations capture every detail of his fleshy and artificial forms. Eley has shown in numerous exhibitions and received many art prizes. He currently works and resides in Adelaide, South Australia. (cf. The Huffington Post)

[more Robin Eley]

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